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An Environmental Technology Network can be defined as a group of individuals (representatives from public sector, private sector, experts, reseaercher, intererested citizens, ...). The group is mainly connected by the same interests, needs, interaction region, or organisation. The network group aim to strengthen the development and evolution of their partners, by bundling their competences and  sharing information, knowledge and contacts.

As such, the environmental network opens a room for interaction and technology transfer to bring the members - by exchange of experiences and using their synergetic compteneces  - clother to solutions which are appropriate to their problems.

An environmental technology network may work on:
+ specific studies or expertises
+ trainings and capacity building
+ pilot actions and pilot projects for technology adaption and/or transfer
+ proposals for institutional and/or legal adaptation or changes

Since 2006, CITET has implemented such Environmental Technology Network in Tunisia for:

++  Production of Cement
++ Recycling of used tires
++ Canning plant for fruits  (concentrate of tomato)

Actually, the initiation of a new, regional network is ongoing: the regional environmental network for mercury containing products - their use, collection, and treatment in a environmental as well as safe and healthy way. This initiative is started from UNIDO's Minamata Convention

For more information contact Gabi Eigenmann at UNIDO HQ.


Pour plus de détails sur les réseaux technologiques pour l'Environnement du Centre International des Technologies de l'Environnement de Tunis contactez nôtre membre CITET de la Tunisie.

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